Fear Not, Text Anyone

Message your social media contacts as if you're texting one of your contacts on your phone. No app required!

No App Messaging!

Use SMS/iMessage to send/receive messages to any of your contacts on social media.

Text messaging for all platforms

Send and receive messages as if you're talking to any of your contacts on your phone via SMS/iMessage. Fiotron works with Discord, Twitter DMs, Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Instagram and many more services.

How does it work?

Simply create an account and connect your social media accounts. A contacts file will be generated and available for download on your phone. You can then use your phone to communicate with your social media contacts all using text messaging.

This platform is built on top of Matrix an open source project. Every user on Fiotron is also a user on our Matrix homeserver. Using various Matrix bridges you can link your social media/chat accounts. Once connected your recent contacts are synced and each assigned a phone number. Sending and receiving a text message to these phone numbers routes the message to the corresponding contact via the Matrix bridge. A list of contacts is sent to your phone including contact's name, profile image and aforementioned phone number.

The new contacts are differentiated by having an icon in the bottom right hand corner of the contact avatar indicating to their social media platform.

No smart phone needed

As long as you can send text messages you can use any phone (including feature phones!) There is no need for a smart phone because there is no app that needs to be installed.